September 28, 2009

More waiting.

I've had to set back picking up the bike by a week.  Humph.

September 23, 2009

Admitting defeat...

Insufficient free time means I have had to give up on resolving the problems myself.  Dropped the bike off at a local workshop this weekend and left it in their (hopefully capable) hands.

On the bright side, I talked through the various issues with the engineer there and he seemed familiar with the Honda DCBS systems.  There was  also a decent number of large bikes in the workshop out back including a few larger bikes. 

I'll be back to pick it up in a couple of weeks...

September 21, 2009

Found out at last.

My wife told me she'd found this site at the weekend.  Now I have to be VERY careful what I say, I guess...

I wonder if I need to go back through the archives and edit out any Bad Stuff. 

Nah, I'll tough it out.  After all, how bad can it be? 

September 10, 2009

Update on Pan Gathering 2010

Well, the boys and girls at Pan Clan are losing no time...  The link I published last week is already out of date.

The new one will take you here.  Bookings are being taken already and I'll be signing up in October at a guess...

September 08, 2009

Considering a repair strategy.

Having thought on it for a few days, I can only assume that there has been (and still is) some water or other impurity in the brake lines.  It's the only thing I've ever seen cause this binding over time as the brakes (and therefore the fluid) warm up.

I've changed the fluid twice now so it's time to completely strip the system, check all the pipes/joints and clean with some denatured alcohol or similar.  Then get it back together without letting so much as a sniff of condensation back in.

Guess that as a precaution, I should change the seals, too.

Those long winter evenings will just fly past...

September 07, 2009

Going nowhere. Quite slowly.

Oh dear.  Foiled again.

Removed the rear brake stripped it down and cleaned it out and it wasn't as bad as I had expected.  Popped it all back together and...  no improvement.  Another hastily booked ticket back to Belgium and that's the bike-mending budget gone until after xmas. 

Same symptom, very light contact between pads and disks but the wheel turns freely.  Just like it has since the day I picked it up more than seven years ago.  Just like it does on the front.  15-20 miles of hard riding and it binds.  I'm a bit stumped, honestly.  Mechanically, it all seems fine.  I have changed the fluid twice, second time with brand new fluid from a sealed bottle.  Deeper investigation to follow when I have the time.  Say in January...

September 06, 2009

Off we go...

Heading off to the Land of Beer and Chocolate now.  Wish me luck...  :)

September 05, 2009

Brake update

There was nothing much wrong with it, as it happens.  Sure enough, a clean was in order and the slight dragging has pretty much gone away.  But the rear has always made a gentle contact.  Always.

I reckon the brake fluid I had was old/contaminated so I have flushed it again and replaced with brand new stuff.

Tomorrow, the acid test...

September 04, 2009

Seconds away, round two...

Back to base today and I'll be having a good look at that brake and then try the ride up to Belgium again on Sunday.

Hopefully, it's nothing more than a strip'n'clean on the rear brake and (another) fluid replacement job.

Wish me luck...

September 03, 2009

Pan Gathering 2010

I had hoped to go to Pan Gathering this year (in Germany) but my brakes problem meant I couldn't get there.

Next year, the venue is Lancashire in the UK. Which is where I grew up.

I'll be signing up for this one as soon as I can. It's being organised by the UK owners group Pan-Clan (website here) and promises to be a fun weekend. Even if they will be riding through the Lake District. In September... ;)

The year after is due to be hosted in Belgium and, asssuming I am still working there, I'll be along to that one also.

September 01, 2009

Failure to launch

Well, in spite of all my preparations, I didn't make it up to Belgium. Well, not with the Pan, anyway. (The TGV really is an amazing train.)

After about 20 miles, the brakes siezed on at the back. Looks like dust (wet by the dew) has clogged up the pistons so I need to strip 'em down and clean 'em out.

Next time, I'll get further...