May 17, 2003

Rear wheel steering?

Early evening, clear roads. The rain had been very heavy but had now stopped, perhaps that lulled me into a false sense of security. A gently sweeping long right hander in front, no traffic ahead or behind me, give it a bit of throttle. Suddenly the engine hits the rev limiter as the rear tyre loses traction and the back of the bike tries to overtake the front. What happened next is a bit of blur but I remember the bars going violently from lock to lock in a enormous tankslapper. Suffice to say the bike thankfully didnt go down and I continued on my way, albeit with a rush of adrenaline perhaps not normally associated with the ST !
The tyres are still like new and the pressures are good, so I'm putting it down to experience and too much right hand whilst banked over in the wet. That may sound crazy but its never happened before like this. Perhaps there was diesel on the road, I dont know but it was a lesson well learnt.
I rode gingerly home to change my underwear.

On related note I've was wearing a Roof R010 helmet, which would have been even more upsetting if I had binned the ST because it is new, but comforting in that it replaces an elderly and well used Shoei. I reckon its a great lid, its is extremely quiet, the fit is great and I like the shape, although its not to everyones taste. Time will tell how it holds up.

Safe biking all, and roll on the sunshine.

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