August 22, 2004

A new shed but not much riding time...

Hi folks.

Work commitments have taken literally all my spare time for the past month so there hasnt been much riding, or doing anything else for that matter. In fact the most the Pan has moved is from under her cover in the garden, to her new shed in the garden, so at least she is warmer and dry. Incidentally the cover I use is from and it has been fantastic and fits the ST1100 very well, but the new shed is a better arrangement altogether. However I still havent got the polishing cloths out.....

A big hello to Mick and Jill from St Lawrence, who have recently upgraded their 11 to a 13. They bought a second hand 11 after taking mine for a spin a few years ago, and I had heard a rumour that they had upgraded recently. Well, I saw their beasty yesterday and she looks lovely, so I might ask you guys to return the favour and let me take her for a blast next time I see you.

Which fits in quite nicely with Johns comments from the last post. John, I test rode a barely used 1300 from the local dealer last year, it is a great bike and if money is no object then go for it and upgrade. For me however I just couldnt justify spending that sort of money when my 1100 still does the job. Its very difficult to know what a bike is like from a short ride, I have heard great things about the 13, and also heard from 1100 fans who dont think the new bike is a great leap forward. I will almost certainly upgrade mine when the time comes that I can either afford it, or my 1100 is past it, which will probably be a long time whichever way. If Honda UK read this though, I'd be more than willing to have one from you as a long term tester !

Gary, thanks for your comments, however I have the 1100 which is why I commented on the screen buffetting, which I gather it is one of the more common complaints amongst Pan owners. I didnt know that the screen had two mounting positions though, thanks for the info, maybe I can try it if I get that long term test bike !

I'll leave you with the news that the Pan is top of the sales charts for Tourers in the UK at the moment, it will be interesting to see what the RIDE survey says about it this year too.

Safe riding

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