September 07, 2009

Going nowhere. Quite slowly.

Oh dear.  Foiled again.

Removed the rear brake stripped it down and cleaned it out and it wasn't as bad as I had expected.  Popped it all back together and...  no improvement.  Another hastily booked ticket back to Belgium and that's the bike-mending budget gone until after xmas. 

Same symptom, very light contact between pads and disks but the wheel turns freely.  Just like it has since the day I picked it up more than seven years ago.  Just like it does on the front.  15-20 miles of hard riding and it binds.  I'm a bit stumped, honestly.  Mechanically, it all seems fine.  I have changed the fluid twice, second time with brand new fluid from a sealed bottle.  Deeper investigation to follow when I have the time.  Say in January...


Rig said...

Arr crap Mike, sorry to read about the bikes rear brake being a little PITA.

Had you left for Belgium when it started playing up again?

Mike said...

Happily, no. I made sure I did a few test runs and it was around the 30km mark that the binding started. And that was just as I got back home... :) (Got to look for the positive, yes?)

Thanks for asking.