October 02, 2009

New ST on the way?

I may be way behind the times but...

Old news first:

It's well know that the VFR as we know it is being completely done away with and replace with an all-new 1200cc bike which seems to be a technological marvel.  Clutchless transmission (well, OK, automatic double clutch with push-button changes and a full auto mode to be exact), new super efficient V4 plant (capable of dynamically changin to 2, 3 or 4 cylinder operation) and a whole bunch of other goodies.

The Honda promo site is here. Some of the video interviews with the design and test team are interesting and new stuff is added every week or two.

Now the "new" news:

The rumour is that the reason Honda has not announced anything for next years ST model is that it, too, is to be replaced.  The replacement will be in the same classic ST style but based on the new VFR platform.  If that is true, there will be some interesting choices to be made...

1 comment:

PTex said...

It seems that its true, honda using the some VFR platform...

But, there are so many rumors about the new ST that i don´t no what to believe!!!!

I hope, however, that a real new ST Pan-European comes along, instead of just let the myth die.

For me, the PAN-European lives forever!