August 30, 2003

Service Time (again)

Well I've had the 8000 mile service done and a new back tyre fitted. (�280!) There was probably 500 miles left on the tyre, but as it was in the workshop I thought I'd get it done.

It seems a bit silly to have to get the bike serviced so regularly. 4000 miles is such a short distance given the type of bike it is. I really think Honda should have sorted it so the service intervals were further apart.

This time I had a 900 Hornet as a loan bike. It felt like a toy compared to the weight of my Pan. Remind me to take the option of the faired bike next time! I'd forgotten how much wind blast there is on a motorway. The other thing is water proofs are definately needed when you've no fairing. Though I didn't get the opportunity to 'play' on the Hornet much as I'd just done a night shift and I needed to sleep and it was slinging it down with rain. It was a nice fun bike to ride, but it's not the sort of bike I could use all the time. I need the luxuries that the Pan has, fairing, clock and fuel guage to name just few.

One of the comments replying to my previous post asked about the suspension. Well I have more on that. When I first had the Pan I didn't feel any need to change the factory preload setting at all. But now as I've got used to the bike, and got more confident in it's (and my) abilities I do change it. As it's easy to get to I've played about quite a lot now.

The settings I use (11 stone rider, female pillion of ?? stone)

Solo (unleaden) TWO notches, one turn harder than standard.

Solo (loaded) FOUR notches, two turns harder than standard.

Two up (Sunday bimble) SIX notches, three full turns harder than standard.

Two up (Holiday loaded) EIGHT notches, four full turns harder than standard.

On a really warm day I have to set the preload one notch (half a turn) harder.

I hope that this little list helps Jeremy.

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