September 19, 2003

New Toy

We went to the BMF Tail End Show last weekend and as usual the weather was perfect.

Whilst there I purchased an intercom from StarCom.

The StarCom 1 rider to passenger kit we bought has really surprised us both with the clarity of communication it provides. Even at 'excessive' speeds a normal conversation is possible. This kit is excellent.

Connect the power wire to the bike's auxiliary wire, the other power wire to an earth. Plug in the headsets, audio lead and phone lead and it's done. The unit sits nicely under the seat above 'a box' near the rear light cluster. Held in place with the strap that holds 'the box' in place. Little velcro pads that come in the kit, stop it sliding about and prevent it rubbing anything. Ten minutes and it's ready to go, ten more minutes to fit the headsets into our helmets and we were on the drive setting the volume and VOX sensitivity. Getting the headphones in the correct place was a bit of trial and error, but once the place was sorted more velcro stops them moving.

The phone lead was an extra to the standard kit and I thought it was a bit short. It was too short to reach my phone when it was in my pocket or in Katrine's, so I emailed the company and asked for a longer one. I had a replacement lead through my letter box the next morning (FOC)!

Excellent product, excellent service.

Now all I've got to get used to is talking and riding at the same time. Doing two things at once is not something I've mastered yet!

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