November 12, 2003

Driven into.

Had to happen eventually, I guess, given that most of my miles are spent commuting into the Smoke. And, of course, it just had to be a SMIDSY* from a Volvo driver.

I was taking the wife in to London to see an exhibition at the Science Museum and (unusually) not filtering. Said Volvo pilot spots a gap in the next lane, not noticing I'm there, and virtually pushes us into the barrier. Fortunately I had the panniers on so no damage to anything else or to us and, even better, I managed to stay upright. I reckon I'd have been straight over on a smaller bike.

Damage is all related to the pannier: Door scratched to bits and difficult to close. More worryingly, the lock holding the pannier on the bike is now also very stiff. I'll just have to see if the whole thing needs replacing...

*SMIDSY = Sorry Mate I Didn't See You

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