February 12, 2003

The 1100ST Freestyle Swimming Champion!!!!

I'm back! What a trip!
I, and the pan behaved beautifully. I'm not one to be put off by the odd accident or incident, but I don't think I've ever travelled in so much water constantly. It was raining when I left for Middlesborough - and continued non stop till I got back last night about 10pm.
I have a SPADA waterproof two piece - and it didn't let in anything the whole time. One of my better purchases.
Little story:- One of my call outs was to a sheep trapped in a fence on the moors. It had got its head stuck in a wire net fence - struggled for hours and wound itself around the inner barbed wire. The call out was from the Police at 1.15am in the morning.
Imagine you are driving down the road - rain lashing - and suddenly in the headlights you see a madman in a motorcycle suit, legs astride a sheep, appearing for all the world like he's *********** it!!!!!
The local bobbie arrived - laughed - took a polaroid - and buggered off. I got back to my hotel at about 3.30am, went to bed for a few hours and then into the council offices at nine. TO BE GREETED BY PHOTOCOPIES OF THE POLAROID PLASTERED ALL OVER THE OFFICES.
I can never go back to Middlesborough!

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