February 01, 2003

Bloody Hell! (Sorry)

Tuesday was a good day. Off to Ally Pally to the motorcycle show - great day out - met lots of friends and good food! Then of to work. In Preston, Lancs. Good ride up until junction 22 on the M6. Now on motorways I always give myself a hundred yard stopping distance. In front of me is a flatbed lorry, and I just happen to notice a lump of wood bouncing about on the back of its trailer. I'm in the third lane - slow down - being very careful. He shouldn't be there anyway - but - he hits dent in the road - off comes the wood. I'm way down the road and see this happen - the lorry next to him hits the wood and sends it flying - in my direction. I should mention at this point that the wood in question is about 3 by 3 and six foot long.
I have a premonition!!!!!!
I pull into the centre lane.
I have cars behind me doing 70 plus - cars inside and outside doing about the same.
A car outside me hits the piece of wood at about ninety - and then hits the centre reservation barriers.
The wood is directly laying in my path.
I hit it head on!
Still got my head on - drive into the slow lane, then the hard shoulder.
Front tyre and wheel buckled. Rear wheel dented.
Guy in the car has caused major accident - other vehicles involved - he didn't make it!!!!!!
I'm sitting in a police car and can't quite realise how lucky I am.
The nice policeman calls the AA - they collect my bike - new wheels and tyres at the local Honda dealer - insurance company keeps ringing to see if they can sue anyone.
I came back home on Friday - in the snow - 240 miles -
do either of you know of a good shrink????????
I definately think I need help.

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