February 03, 2003

Wing (Pan) and a Prayer.

I'd just like to say a few thank you's.
To me - for buying a Pan - I'd have been dead on any other bike.
To Honda - for using the best materials - both wheels were buckled totally beyond repair - for the tyres giving me nearly a whole minute before they lost all their air.
To the AA - for not keeping me hanging about - and being gentle with my baby! and for knowing where to take the bike.
To the dealership - who turned the bike round for me in three days.
To the Police - for all their help, even if they thought I was the luckiest bastard on the planet.
I still find it hard to believe I didn't come off, and got to the hard shoulder safely.
And a prayer for the car driver and his family.
Looking back - it was a hell of a way to get new wheels!!!!!

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