February 28, 2003

Cosmetics���.apart from the top box

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Motorbikes are no exception. The Ducati is a nice looking machine but I compare it to a long legged, large chested female with perfect looks. We all dream of them but never have them because a) they don't exist b) we wouldn't know what to do with one if we found one, and c) if we did have one we wouldn't give it what it deserved. The Ducati is meant for the race track and it would be difficult on a public road, despite its looks, to treat it the way it deserves.
The Pan is different because it is a practical bike�.read on��
My bike was delivered to my door by the seller today. It is a '91 model with 59k on the clock and green in colour. The seller dismounted the bike and I stood and looked at it. (bearing in mind I hadn't seen one for 18 months and this, as I have said on my previous posting was a �blind� purchase)
I was quite�very quite�..the seller became nervous�
�Do you like the colour? he asked.
�Er�..yes�it's fine� I said determined to give a masculine reply. I wanted to say �It's beautiful� and IT WAS.
The colour was beautiful. The bike looked beautiful. The shape. The styling. The panniers. The fairing. The �dash� � all were beautiful. This was my perfect woman on 2 wheels. It looked stunning. I was gobsmacked.
How had this beauty evaded me all my life? I wanted to throw out the sofa and park it in my living room. Shame that the previous owner had put an old top box on the rear rack��..that will have to go.
I felt like a pubescent boy reading �Mayfair� for the first time and I was very, very happy.
The big moment had arrived where I had to try the Pan out for size and I climbed on board and kicked up the side stand. Something felt strange. I am 5'8" and both feet were nearly flat on the ground�..HOORAY!!.....and the weight�..where did it go?....RELIEF !!
I started the bike up and rode it 10 foot into my garage and put it to bed.
This has the makings of one of the most exciting periods of my life�..

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