March 01, 2003


A big hello to Richard - although I didn't realise we were allowing youngsters of 43 on the site. Getting to be quite the little community on here and I'm pleased for Mike who set this up.
I came back from Pontypridd last night - told you the weather would change. It was like riding blind down the M4 - absolutely no vision from the rain and spray - but the Pan never falters, does it. I think Richard is in for a big shock once he gets out there. The Pan is the ultimate bike - it does everything and he is right - the perfect woman on two wheels. She's fast, lovely curves, responds well to the gentle touch but loves a bit of rough occasionally and wants to look after you. What more could you want?
I've got Saturday to clean the bike and prepare it for another trip to Nottingham on Sunday. I'll be back Monday night - then fly out to Malta for a weeks break. Bless her! She'll be all alone in the garage for a week, sulking!
Safe riding.

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