March 14, 2003


We had a question about how to lock up a Pan when there's nowhere to chain it to as the method he used for his current bike wouldn't work with a Pan because of the fairing and other body work. (Sorry the response has been slow Lee)

Here's what I do; Disc lock through front disc the rear disc is a bit awkward to get to), a big chain through front wheel and another big chain though the rear wheel. As with any security measures if the thief is determined there's nothing much you can do, but this method is as good as I get. This method works 'cos there's plenty of space to put chains on a Pan when you're riding it. There is a 'U' Lock space under the seat, Mr Honda should have supplied one. Locks are supplied by some scooter manufacturers, why not for a �10k motor bike?

I suppose that you could just use one chain through the front and rear wheels - passing it through the centre stand to stop that folding up but, I would always suggest more than one chain as it takes the 'git' more time to deal with individual chains. As with all locking up outside, try and vary where you put your bike. Routines are easy for thieves to identify and prepare for. Using a waterproof cover is also a good security measure as it camouflages your bike. Obviously it's a big bike but the thief won't be sure what bike it is until he's spent time looking under it. Shiny things attract thieves!

I'm not too happy discussing my domestic security where the world can read it. I'm not going to tell the b*st*rds what tools to bring!

According to reports from insurance companies and the police, bigger bikes don't tend to be stolen by opportunists. The theft is usually planned in advance; find out the security measures and bring the tools and lift it into a van. Alarms are ignored by 99% of people so they are ignored by 'professional' thieves too.

The ST1300 has the HISS immobiliser system which uses a transponder in the ignition key to confirm the correct key is being used. (Break or bend a key, say goodbye to �50+ !). I don't know if this system would deter the 'professional' thief but, it seems to be respected by insurance companies. The ST1300 also comes with Smart Water as standard. This system uses a special paint that is applied to various 'bits' of the bike so that it can be identified if found. Of course the part has to be found first.

I hope this depressing article helps.

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