March 11, 2003


After a few rained off attempts Waggy finally had a ride on my bike (as a pillion, I would never let anyone else actually drive).

I've finally done it! I have found someone who is heavy enough to make it necessary to adjust the rear suspension! And it did make a difference this time. We didn't go far as he'd forgotten his big coat and the wind has been very gusty today. Only a few miles down the dual carriageway, but it was far enough for him to be very impressed.

His first comment as we left the car park was "It sounds like a car". My response was to reassure him it didn't perform like one!

As we left the industrial estate I think I heard him yell "You're right it's not a car!". Because of the terrible side winds and the fact that he's only a learner passenger I accelerated very gently and only achieved normal cruising speed for a couple of miles each way. When we got back he had the following to say.

"It didn't feel like we were going that fast!"

"The fairing really protects both the driver and the passenger from any wind blast."

"It's a really comfy seat."

"The wind didn't seem to upset it too much." - There was more weight on the bike than usual!

"She would never let me have one."

When my other work mates questioned him later his main comment was;


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