March 01, 2003

Cosmetics (Part 2)

OK, so mine is not a new bike unlike my other new found friends on this site. I have the MOTs to prove it has done just 8,000 miles in the last 5 years and at 59k it is only just run in. I will, perhaps, encounter problems that new Pan owners might not and so it will be interesting to exchange issues/thoughts.
Don�t buy a house until you have seen it twice ! � well I don�t think I can fall into that category after buying my Pan without etc etc (see before)
When I checked my garage this morning the bike looked better than before. I had better tell you that the reason I am putting off riding it is I am waiting for my insurance to kick in so all I can do at present is check out the cosmetics again and �play with the buttons�

I have extra�s that I wasn�t expecting. The side panniers have the removable bags (thankyou). The bike was fitted with a Datatool alarm 18 months ago (thankyou) and the bike is Datatagged (thankyou very much)
Furthermore, the top box that I spoke of yesterday is, once I had removed the hideous stickers on, a 45 litre Givi which is what I would have chosen anyway � so that is now staying. Unfortunately the back rest has been removed so I will have to look for a replacement.
All in all I think I have a better deal than I first thought and I just hope the mechanics don�t let me down. I have a �180 receipt for an oil & filter change with carb balance 500 miles ago so I get the feeling this bike has been looked after in the past and could probably tell me a few stories.

I already feel I want to give the bike a name !! Is it male or female? I will go and have a think���

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