March 18, 2003

None Stop

This weekend we've done loads of travelling on the Pan. With the summer like weather it would have been a shame not to!

As a kind of land mark we've managed two point-to-point journeys none stop! There's no doubt it was only nicotine cravings that stopped us. The bike's so comfortable we could easily have gone twice as far before we stopped. I've concluded that Motor Cycling is good for my health - It reduces my smoking!

Saturday night was cold on the M5/M6/M54 route home though, we had to stop to thaw out! 1 degree motorcyling needs electric clothing really.

When we went to my Mum's she didn't even notice it was a different bike! (My Pan is silver, my Bandit was red), but she still didn't spot the difference! Just what I wanted! No earache! I had been expecting a bit of fuss when I introduced her to my expensive toy, but it was fine.

I'd remembered to bring my Mum's sewing machine back. Sewing machine's make interesting luggage, heavy and bulky. The little rack coped better than I'd thought, though the tags for hooking bungy's to are too rounded, so my cargo net just slid off them. I had to do a bit of messing about to get it secure, but it didn't move despite my best efforts to shake it loose on the sixty five mile journey.

If this weekend is anything to go by then, Roll on summer!

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