March 03, 2003

Limo Bikes

What a wonderful day Sunday was! Off to Wales for a 'bimble' through the hills. Sun shining blue skies, with just fluffy white clouds timed perfectly to take out the glare on tricky bends. Took the mileage up to 888. What we didn't understand was, was why all the bikes we saw were going the other way. Were they on their way back as we were setting off? Mmm, probably :-) The best ride yet. They just keep getting better.

Today I collected my daughter from work. It was only her second time as a pillion passenger. She had a short go (2 miles) on the Bandit just after I got it. This time she had to be really brave and travel about 15 miles! She followed my instructions perfectly (as she did before) and sat still. What I didn't realise until we got back was that she was actually frozen, both with the cold and a little with fear. Oops! This highlighted two important things.
The first and perhaps most important is 'proper gear'. She borrowed Katrine's helmet, gloves and 'big coat', but not Katrine's boots and trousers. She's too big for them. Consequently her legs were 'quite chilled'. The other is of course just how quick the Pan is. I thought I'd ridden quite gently, but it was still too quick. She closed her eyes on the motorway, apparently this made her less scared. Caroline thought the Pan was much more comfortable than the Bandit, though I'm not certain she'll want another go in the near future. This kind of thing makes you appreciate a good pillion passenger. Sure, Katrine gets cold, but a cup of tea soon sorts that. She's never mentioned being scared while on the Pan. This means I can get on with enjoying myself, since the Pan doesn't care if it's carrying one or two.

More grins per mile than any other bike!

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