March 21, 2003

A couple of questions

Can somebody please explain to me what Honda were thinking of when:-

a). They put a thumping great knob at the front of the bike to adjust the headlights with. It was as if they could not think of anything else to put there. I would suggest a volt meter or something else that might be used daily rather than once in a blue moon.
and b) There are two, shall I call them for ease of discription, glove boxes on the panniers - one on either side- the right one being lockable with a rigid lid and the left being unlockable with a flimsy lid. What do Pan owners use the left hand one for? The lid is easily "nickable". It is not safe to open whilst moving so if you keep a rag or whatever in there you need to stop to remove it in which case why is it not rigid and lockable like the other? What do you keep in yours?

Summer's coming....summer's coming......summer's coming.......

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