March 24, 2003


Hands up those who took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a ride at the weekend ! Is it me or do car drivers disengage brain on a Sunday?

I clocked 200 miles riding my Pan and am really getting to know her now.

Few things of note:

1) I am starting to notice the weight in slow moving traffic and am aware that the bike is not slim enough to go in-between our 4 wheeled friends at traffic lights. Bit of a shame but there you go. On a plus side cars DO move out the way when they see you coming (apologies to the Fiesta I came up behind on the Derby ring-road yesterday. I know I was doing �ton twenty� but you didn�t need to swerve quite so much)
2) I do get noticeable wind noise over the front screen above 50mph. Not buffeting � in fact my arms feel totally in tact � but at times my neck stretches several inches. I have had no problem with side winds � perhaps weight does have its advantages. I would be interested to hear from anybody who has upgraded from the standard to the tall screen and how much of a difference it has made. Is there not an �extension� I can add to the top? It may well have been my old helmet � I will tell when I try my new lid out next weekend.
3) The tyres (Goodyears � I checked) appear capable of riding all roads and even the dreaded white lines. No problems to report there though, unlike my colleagues, it is too early to comment on wear.
4) And finally the brakes. In my early biking days I was a 99% rear braking � never using the front brakes as I had fond memories of tugging on the front brake on a push bike and projecting myself head first over a car bonnet. I am now wise to the laws of physics and momentum and use rear brakes below 20mph and front at other times/speeds. Much more faith in the Pans front discs now and I think I know her limits.

Even starting to take corners at speed now�.

I really like this bike������

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