March 02, 2003


I have decided upon a sex for my bike - "it" now becomes "she" and as she is green I will call her the "Green Goddess"

(Now how tacky is that?!?!?!?!)

Yet more Cosmetics

I will soon know every inch of this bike and I haven't even taken the panels and fairing off yet !
Pleased (again - how happy can one man be?) to say that I got my bike onto the centre stand at the first attempt. Am I convincing myself too early that the weight will not be a problem? I therefore had the opportunity of sitting on it and going "vroom,vroom" (tempted to start her up but thought it would annoy the neighbours)
Aren't the mirrors incredible? They sort of wrap themselves around you. Best I have seen on any bike.
Interesting to see the parts of the bike that are showing cosmetic (I like that word) wear:- The general condition of the paintwork is very good with only a few minor surface scratches. The current "protection pads" on the tank appear to have helped over the years. There is no obvious sign of rusting anywhere - though there is discolouration of various nuts around the wheels. The most obvious sign of age on the bag are the side catches that hold the panniers to the bike. These are or were chromed pieces of metal 2 inches square and the chrome has badly deteriorated.
So after 12 years of wear, all I can find wrong is a bit of chroming. Get my point - this machine was built to last

My bike had a non-Honda stainless steel exhaust fitted last year which does not retract from the overal look of the machine and will give me one less thing to worry about. According to my research the Honda non-stainless version comes in at 100 quid dearer which doesn't make sense to me

The Pan has what they call a fairing protector on either side positioned some 18 inches from the ground. These bricks of plastic (basically) are there to,yes, protect the fairing if it is dropped on its side at which time the bike should come to rest pivoting on the protector and the wing mirror on whichever particular side therby restricting/preventing damage to the whole fairing. In extreme circumstances the mirror will collapse and break away - ingenious idea - if it works !?
Well I think it does because when I noticed scuffing to the protector on the right side of my bike I thought "'s been dropped" and sure enough I discovered repaired damage to the wing mirror on that sign where the two mentioned parts of the bike had obviously taken the brunt of the bikes weight in a previous life. Reassuring don't you think as there is not a scrath on the side fairing.
Anyway, I have rambled on again. Five days break in Centre Parcs ahead of me and my first ever ride and (wait for it) full honest and critical review of The Pan European comes next weekend....I can't wait

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