March 05, 2003

Pan vs. Gold Wing

Actually, I'm not all that dogmatic about this question.

Ultimately, any bike is simply a tool which performs a number of jobs. Each bike is better at some stuff than at others.

The Pan, whilst versatile, suffers from the lack of a speciality to some degree. You can do huge distances on it but it's not as much of a sofa as the GL or the big Beemers. You can stomp about on it but it's certainly no sports missile. You can have a lot of fun but, let's face it, the Pan is not going off-road. (Yes, I've tried it but that's another story.) And, yes, you can use it in heavy traffic but it's hardly the slimmest of machines.

Ultimately, what drew me towards the Pan was that I needed a bike that could do almost anything (except off-road) and do so safely, comfortably and with confidence. My days of pushing performance envelopes are well behind me. If Davids needs have changed meaning that the long-distance main-road work is now much more important then he's wise to reconsider. Equally, I'd urge him to make sure he considers what the Gold Wing is less able to do.

Mind you, if he does change, I can see I might have to help him to set up a new site...

PS Glad you're back with us Nigel.

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