March 26, 2003

Clothing & my love of ebay

You will soon know all my secrets�..

For the unknowing ebay is an internet auction site. Thanks to my brother, Mark, (there, I have given you a mention) I have spent in excess of �6,000 on this site in the last 8 months. I have also made a bit of cash along the way.

For those who have not used ebay � DON�T � you will be hooked.

As I bought my bike through ebay it was only natural that when I needed some new biking gear that I should use the thrill of the auction. Bearing in mind that clothing is a matter of taste and each to their own.
Pre-Pan I had a pair of leather trousers (shrunk? over time), black leather jacket, an excellent black Frank Thomas �Aqua� jacket (with armour that weighs an absolute ton), black FT leather gloves and a pair of matching FM helmets for my wife and I so we look the part. I also had a pair of black Doc Martens with steel toe �tectors which performed well for 6 years but had to go in the bin with the leather trousers.

From ebay I have now bought a full set of �Weise� armoured and waterproof clothing for �52, a new pair of leather trousers for �40, belstaff leather gloves for �12, and a NEW flip front lid for �72. Two pairs of boots: new �Harley D� with steel toes for �45 and a �26 pair of worn-in racing boots, again with steel toes (with a �free� pair of leather gloves) � So fully decked out for less than 200 quid!!.

All in black so on top of that I always wear my HV vest and with full lights nobody should say �I never saw you�

AND, because of the excellent luggage on the Pan, all including 2 helmets will fit in the machines boxes�..Who said biking was an expensive game?

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