March 08, 2003

Oh....Sod it !!

My new "biking" boots were delivered this morning (more about clothing later).

The sky was overcast and the forecast was heavy rain but the roads were dry.........."Sod it" I thought and donned my gear and decided on my maiden voyage.
I manouvered her backwards down my 20 foot drive without problem, started her up, into first and away.....

This was never going to be a long trip. I had already decided that. Along the A52 to the M1 and then back again. A round trip of 18 miles.

First thing, as I have mentioned before, were the mirrors. As I settled down in the seat to find my best position, the mirrors stood out as being nothing short of brilliant. I am a police trained advanced driver (though not a former policeman-more later))and I know it is just as important to know what is going on behind as in front, and the Pans mirrors gave me a perfect view of what was creeping up behind me.....Not that much did !!

The sound of the engine was..I don't know..disappointing ?. It purred sure enough but more like a large sewing machine. Is this really an 1100 engine? Perhaps the particular exhaust on my bike toned it down. I did feel the vibration at 4-5 thousand revs that I had read about on various reviews but it was not uncomfortable, infact it reminded me the baby was still alive....All in all surprisingly quiet.

Through the country road, 3 roundabouts and a set of lights and onto the dual carriageway.

WOW !! Bit of wind noise coming over the short-version screen I thought....until I looked down at my speedo....110mph and I didn't even notice. That must have taken me a few seconds, very little effort, and the Pan wanted more. No wonder the cars were pulling over as I approached them with my headlights on. This bike CAN move and just to make me feel better I pulled hard on the brakes and came down to 60mph without a flinch.

I was impressed and repeated the exercise after turning at the A52/M1 roundabout.

Back home as the first drops of rain fell and my wife knew from the grin on my face that I was happy with my Green Goddess.

Roll on a dry Sunday tomorrow.

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