April 26, 2003

Bank Holiday Weekend

Well wasn't last weekend glorious, I don't know about you but I made the most it, Now after my last posting you'd be forgiven for thinking I regretted buying the Pan but
no that was just a cautionary tale!! Anyway Friday I went down to Hastings in Sussex purely because the A21 is such a good road (And the sun was out) great ride and the
new tyres and brakes where great, Sat. & Sunday bit of maintenance and quick trip to High Beech in Epping, That just left Monday, The day of the Ace Cafe Southend
Shakedown run, Weren't sure what to expect but I wasn't disappointed!! At 10.30 Monday morning approx. 1000 to 2000 bikes left the Ace Cafe in north London to
ride down to Southend in Essex (In the biggest run I've ever been on) On arriving at Southend I was amazed to find even more bikes parked up everywhere and I do mean
everywhere (police estimated 15000) As the day went on meet up with some old friends and possibly made some new one's. All in all a brilliant day out and exactly
why I bought the bike!

Safe Biking Everyone

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