April 13, 2003

Riding with the law

Well today was interesting I went on an observed ride with the City Of London Police, Who run an event called Bike Safe which on this occasion was run out of North
Weald Airfield near Epping in ESSEX, Basically you ride around a predetermined route with a CoL Police rider following you then when you get back to the airfield he
tells you what he feels you did wrong ( If anything!! ) He only had one complaint about my riding and that was I don�t always set myself correctly for corners! of course
I was on my best behaviour as well !!!! Other wise he might not have been so impressed, Still there you go .

On other matters, Nigel if you still can�t get an airline on your rear tyre go to your local bicycle shop and they should sell Right Angle valve Adapters thats how I got
round the prob. on my CX custom which had a 15in. back wheel.

Happy Biking All

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