April 08, 2003

Maybe the upgrade will wait....but I wasn't disappointed

Went for the test ride on Saturday - we've all read the reviews but theres nothing like trying one for yourself. I dont want to bore you all with the same stuff but heres my first impressions after just 3 hours on a rainy Saturday morning

The most noticeable thing for me was the size just melts away when you sit on it, maybe its those bare handlebars or the having the screen set on low but it just feels kinda smaller, which is very welcome. Whilst we're on the subject that electric screen is just fantastic. Enough said. On the cosmetic side, Mr Honda has moved the pass-light button, well that confused me for a few seconds there ! Ooh, and he's fitted hazard lights too, well done. Comfort wise, the adjustable saddle/seat (I never know what the proper terminology is?) is again a great improvement.

Oh yeah, and my shins don't catch the bottom of the fairing like they do on the 1100.

I know this isnt new, but as a first time experience with DCBS (which I had heard you either love or hate) the system certainly didnt bother me - the brakes stop this bike very nicely thank you.

Now I'm used to the 1100, it has its own sound, the 1300 motor sounds different, in a kind of VFR way. I would get used to it though...Does it go better than the 11? Sure, its got a newer, bigger, slicker engine, what did you expect ! But thats not what the Pan is all about to me.

Do I like it? You bet I do. The STX1300 is a brilliant update by Honda. Will I buy one? One day, yes, without a doubt I will have one, but you see, my Pan is primarily a workhorse. She lives outside, commutes through town traffic 260 days a year, and gets serviced almost as often as it gets washed...(ok it gets serviced by the book but you get the picture...)....

The 1100 may not be the showroom queen anymore, but she still feels smooth,reliable, and most importantly she can still cut the mustard where it counts...Anyway, new bikes are destined to live in garages for their first few years and be polished a lot anyway ...... arent they...?

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