April 08, 2003

Buying On Impulse

I've had my Pan for 6 weeks now and have to admit I wasn't though enough when I went to look at it the first time(understatement) The three main things are; Front Callipers sticking on, Thus causing Fractured R/H Front Disk (Was it like it when I picked the bike up? Can't say for sure.)anyway Two new aftermarket disks, new pads and both callipers completely striped that was all sorted, Then there was the twitchy handling on having a closer look at the tyres and checking the pressures I noticed that although they both had plenty of tread left they where worn into a bad profile (The front looked like ^ shape!! ) So a bit of research online I found out lots of people didn�t like the Bridgestone BT020 that were fitted either, They had to go, So I checked with my local tyre centre and they had a pair of the OE fitment ( Bridgestone G547 Front/ G548 Rear ) in stock so on they went straight away, And what a difference She still shakes her head a little under braking but the weave going round corners is gone and no more white lining either. Other than that she�s great!
Went to my brothers in Bicester fortnight ago it�s 100 miles each way, All I need is a taller screen and it will be What 100miles!! I arrived still feeling fresh and alert (Remember be alert your country needs lerts ) So thats all for now more as it happens

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