April 09, 2003

How do you get air in your tyres?

This isn't a Pan-unique problem as it seems to affect all bikes with alloy wheels.

I was always taught to check tyre pressures at least once a week, but there's little point if I can't put more air in if I need to.

I can check my tyre pressures but I have yet to find a forecourt airline that I can get onto the valves should I need to add air. This problem is definitely more pronounced with the rear wheel of the Pan. With my Bandit I could get the air line connected if I had the wheel in just the right place, even with the panniers off I can't get it on the valve.

Have I missed something?


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with my Honda Rebel 250.
I'm thinking of bending the garage airline head.
Or I'm thinking is there an adaptor?

Mike said...


I never have solved it. For a while, I found a garage nearby that had a flexible hose for a while but they "upgraded" it after a while.

In the end, I went to Halfords and bought a little 12v compressor. I check the pressures at home and, when I have the room, I can pack it in a corner of the panniers and run it from the socket on the bike.

Probably not what you were hoping to hear but there you go... Sorry.