July 28, 2002

Another "no biking" day.

More family stuff means I haven't been out on the bike again today. Not that I really mind as my little girl has been on a major charm offensive.

I did get to buy some summer gloves, though, from Hein Gericke. Over the years I've become a big fan of their gear, so I have high hopes. I bought a pair of V1 ventilated gloves which are definitively non-waterproof on account of the perforated armour.

On Monday, I'll probably go in search of a cooler replacement for my leathers, too. The stuff at H-G was alright but they need to order in stuff in my size. I'll probably look in at Aye Gee on the way home.

(It's probably worth mentioning that I have no hidden interests, no undisclosed agendas when talking about these companies. I'm just (fairly) honestly posting my experiences.)

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