July 29, 2002


Dropped the ST today. I'm not quite sure how it happened, either.

I'd just filled up at a petrol station, fired up the motor and was doing a U-turn to leave the station the way I'd come in. At the apex of the turn, the engine cut out and, even though I got my foot down, the bike was too far over for me to do anything but slow the fall.

After I'd picked it up, it turns out the kill switch was set to off. Now, the bike was under power, so I can only imagine I clipped the switch while filling up and it fell the rest of the way shut from the engine vibrations.

Plus points are: The sticky-out bit on the side works brilliantly and has small scuff on it now. No other part of the bike touched the ground at all. And I discovered I can pick the bike up unassisted, something about which I was unsure.

Downsides? Well, there a wee scuff, obviously. (Yes, another one. That makes three, so far.) I felt like a total arse as the bike keeled over underneath me. And, on the first day for three weeks without any pain in my knee, I've put way too much stress on it. And it's starting to seize up again... Bum!

PS My apologies to any innocent passers-by on the A215 who had to listen to the tirade of verbal abuse I was directing at myself.

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