July 27, 2002

A few figures...

OK, then. I've had the Pan for over a fortnight and this blog is supposed to be about owning and living with the Pan rather than (as well as?) my own soapbox.

Real life performance indicators, then...

Journeys have all been either a 40 mile commute or a quick trip to the local town and back. The commute is split fairly evenly between congested motorway/A-Road and stop/start/filtering through Central London.

Fuel consumption has averaged a pretty steady 38.5mpg (that's 7.3l/100km for our continental friends). Given that the journeys have been as mentioned above, this bodes well for longer haul journeys on more open roads.

The bike starts to bleat about needing more juice with about 5 litres in hand,so the average refill is about 26 litres and the range is about 220 miles.

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