July 12, 2002

Danger: Wide Vehicle

In spite of the ridiculously good low-speed handling of the Pan, there's no getting away from the fact that it's very, very wide.

Fortunately, the mirrors are a very good measure of the width of the panniers. In fact, they're slightly wider which compensates for the fact that the rear wheel turns slightly inside the front wheel on the tighter, low-speed turns.

Of course, this didn't stop me from scuffing the a pannier on day one. Nothing serious, just a dull streak an inch or so long, but I know it's there. Maybe I'll be able to polish it out?

Still, back to the subject at hand: Filtering...

The fact remains that there are places the Pan won't go and (more germanely) gaps it won't fit through. This means I can end up at the head of quite a queue of filtering bikes, especially on the way in to work. I've actually had to start pulling in from time to time to let these leaner, lither machines past.

Gee, I'm such a nice guy! ;-)

Even so, I find I'm filtering much more confidently on the Pan than on other bikes just because of the low speed stability.

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