July 23, 2002

Note to self: Be more careful.

Overconfidence. You gotta love it.

It seems that because the bike is so competent, stable and generally confidence inspiring, I have fallen victim to my own propaganda. I genuinely believed that I had become a truly expert rider (overnight) with the added bonus of immortality and immunity to harm thrown in.

I am pleased to say that I have been disabused of these notions without personal injury of any sort.

Some over enthusiastic flinging of the Pan through rush hour traffic with little concern for my own safety led to me ending up between to rapidly converging articulated lorries. Only some heavy braking (Yes, the ABS works beautifully, thank you.) avoided me becoming some sort of roadside pat�.

In other words, I frightened the crap out of myself.

Now I'm back to my more accustomed defensive riding style, I'm hoping to be around long enough to keep posting entires here. And, I have the constant reminder of a slight scuff on one wing mirror to remind me.


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