July 27, 2002

Wasted day...

A beautiful weekend but so far, no riding. Too much other stuff to do.

Oh, and Mr Thickie here, who's been running in his bike for the first 500 miles (as advised by a casual scan of the manual)... Mr Thickie who thought, well, the first service is at 600 miles so I'll run it gentle till then. Mr Thickie who was looking in the manual and this time notices the running in time is 500 kilometres. Duh.

Never mind, I can't see how it's a bad thing. And I can start to enjoy myself with a clear conscience, eh?

I dropped off the loan bike yesterday (Thank you, God!) just in time to see some dignitary from Honda (Japan, that is) leaving the dealership. A slight delay in picking up the Pan, then, but no real trauma. The first (600 mile) service cost the princely sum of 30 quid and will certainly be the cheapest one I ever have done. And most of that went on oil.

What a fab ride home, comparing the new bike with the one I'd just left behind. Everything felt so, well, so right. Designed rather than flung together, if you know what I mean? Not really a fair comparison, I suppose.

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