January 22, 2003

216 Miles To Go (and counting...)

The screen on my bike had been set at the lowest position by the dealer. I've noticed that the world goes very, very quiet if I duck down as I travel along (usually to check the indicator repeater lights on the dash!). Last Saturday on the way back from Wales we had a period of sideways rain. The water didn't penetrate anywhere! Dry after that storm and at 70mph (ish)! Excellent. The weather protection for both of us on the Pan continues to impress me, even with the screen low. Excellent.
Even without sideways wind and rain riding with the screen in the lower position causes me some wind noise and Katrine said that she has felt some buffeting. Nowhere near as much as on the naked Bandit, but enough at times to be annoying.

Fiddling about on Sunday (as you do) after cleaning the bike. I decided to see how easy it is to adjust the screen.

First remove the plastic bracket covers, two self tapping screws each. Not difficult but, as the screws go into plastic I wonder how many adjustments I'll manage before the plastic holes become too big. Having removed the screws there are four little bolts that are behind the screen. It's at this point that I discover I have wide and flexible adjustment possibilities. There are two positions available about two and a half inches apart. Loosening the little bolts is quite tricky as the space is limited for the 10mm spanner that comes in the bike's tool kit. Once slack the bracket comes out of one L shaped slot and locates into the other. Carefully tighten the little bolts and refit the plastic covers and the screen is up. All in all about five minutes. I haven't tried adjusting the screen on the move. I would suspect it may take a little longer with gloves on!

In the higher position the screen is more vertical and doesn't quite look as good as the more streamlined lower position. If there's no significant improvement then it'll go back down again. It will certainly go down for the summer, it just looks better. I can cope with a bit of wind noise, if not I can always buy some ear plugs.

I had to make a detour to the dealer on Saturday to fix a minor problem. The offside mirror's rubber insert had come adrift from the fairing. No big problem it was fixed in 90 seconds. I was going to do it myself but going to The Honda Centre Shrewsbury is an extra five miles towards The End Of Running In. Plus, I couldn't quite see how it fitted on!

Only 216 miles to go to the first service! Well past half way!

P.S. I nearly bought a Deauville! Only nearly, there wasn't any increase in engine from my Bandit so it was quickly eliminated. It seems that this was a lucky escape.

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