January 23, 2003

Post Factory Recall - The Analysis

Well, I've left the Deauville Doldrums behind me and, as you may already have guessed, this has made my life measurably better. The only thing I miss about the thing is that it's thinner and, so, filtering was easier on it.

The Recall Work
Well, the sump's been replaced and very shiny it is too. The heat is definitely being directed away from my legs a bit. Um, can't tell about anything else specifically.

The Service
That's another 180 quid gone on an 8000 mile service. I haven't had the actual bill yet to pore over but I know it was three and a half hours of labour. More on this when I have the detail.

The Warranty Work
Just the one bit. The clutch has been fixed. Initial indications are that the clutch slip is definitely gone and that it now "snicks" into first gear rather than dropping. All that remains to be seen is whether the stiction problem is gone (it was intermittent) and whether the slip comes back.

Other Work
Heated grips. At last, heated grips, I tell you!! Oh, and an auxiliary 12v power socket (car/airline style) in the right-hand fairing pocket

And the Conclusion?
Well, it feels a zillion times better than the Doh-Vile, obviously. Actually it feels a lot better than it did before. Almost like large portions of the engine and transmission had been stripped down and reassembled by hand. Which is pretty much what has been done. Handling feels much sharper too but that could just be after the Doh-Vile.

Also, they've removed something without me asking them to. The slight, um, squirm at about 90 when riding solo with the top box on and the screen all the way up... Well, it's gone. I don't know whether this is a result of all the other stuff or just because in reassembling the bike they put the seat on the highest setting. I only noticed cos I was a even more comfy and because I can't see the effing indicator lights on the console again! Never mind, I'll leave it there and live without 'em.

Wonder if anyone's come up with a mod for the cockpit which addresses this problem?

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