January 13, 2003

Factory recall

Oh, yeah�

Honda have recalled the Pan. I got a letter about it in early December. Apparently, there are some sticky-out bits (lugs) on the sump and they�ve been catching on kerbs and speed bumps and the like. This has led to a few people getting a cracked sump.


The parts for upgrading mine are on order (since mid-December) though I don�t mind waiting for a couple of reasons:

First, it means that (presumably) those who have problems are being sorted first.

Second, they might fit the kit (a whole day affair) at the same time they fir the heated grips, which are still on order.

And thirdly, they�re going to change some other bits and bobs. Most importantly for me, the airflow over the legs will be modified to make it a bit less hot in the summer. Hallelujah!

Oh, they�re doing some other stuff with heat shields and they�re throwing in some anti-scuff pads, too but we�ll just have to see how it all turns out, eh?

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