January 16, 2003

Oh! I feel good!

Nice day today - sun shining and no work - so a little trip on the Pan. My son phones just before I go out - he has a new bike - fancy a ride?
I'm up for that - meet up with him to see a gleaming Yamaha 600. His eyes all lit up - this is THE bike to put me to shame!!!!!
New bike - new leathers - the whole business - but we're not racing!!!!!! until - bet I can get to Peterborough before you get the pan started he says - and he's off.
At the first roundabout we come to he slows down - I don't - and sweep into a graceful curve - leaving a much loved but bewildered son looking at my disappearing rear end. Didn't see him after that until he pulls into the cafe at Peterborough, me with my tea in my hand. All he says is 'bloody hell' .
Days don't get better than this!

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