January 13, 2003

My Classic Pan?

Can't be doing with all this new stuff. Please spend twelve grand, and get your bike recalled! Only said that to wind Mike up!
Anyway, my secondhand 1999 Pan is a joy. I've had loads of different bikes over the years - three in the last two - but i'm getting older and wiser and 142mph just about does me now.
I am impressed though - I've got three screens for it - winter, spring and summer [ poetic, ain't I?]. I use the bike all the time to travel round the country in my work. Last Tuesday was cold - very - and I set of for Lancaster - about 280 miles from my place, and to be honest, the only parts of me to get cold were my feet. Stopped for hot chocolate a few times - got the usual looks of sympathy as I undressed in the restaurant - then had a coachload of oldies come over to look at the bike. Naturally, they had all rode BSA bantams back in 1947 or whenever. Anyway, a steady 80mph up the M1 and M6, even passed two Police cars who had no intention of getting cold, and I was there in less than five hours.
Bike is left out to freeze for four days - first time start - 5 hours back - roads freezing - no problems. Heated grips are a godsend, and so is the big screen.
What a bike!

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