January 25, 2003

Someone else's experiences...

I was talking to the landlord of a pub the other day, as you do.

We'd exchanged pleasantries. I asked him how he broke his arm (falling off his bike) and he asked me what sort of bike I had.

Turns out that a mate of his also has a new Pan European and has had all sorts of problems. He's had the sump cracked when coming down off a tall pavement onto the road. The electrics had shorted out completely due to a loose connection. A heat shield had cracked and as a result the component it, er, shielded (the knock sensor) had died a death. I'm sure there were more.

So what I'm wondering is whether I have a good one (Apart from that slight clutch slip. All the damage from falling off is down to me.) or whether his mate has a bad one?

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