January 27, 2003

Conceited sod.

I don't know... What am I like?

All that drivel and I didn't answer a single, solitary one of Brian's questions!

Yes, the Pan is worth the extra money.

If you can afford it, the ABS is amazing and I'd recommend it.

I do the London rush hour from Medway to St Pauls and back most days and the weight is not a problem. I honestly don't know how they've done it but the bike handles very similarly to my old ZZR-600. I've U-turned in fairly narrow streets at walking pace with barely a wobble.

The problem in town traffic is that the bike is so wide. But, the wing mirrors are the widest point and if they go through a gap, so does the rest of the bike. You just have to watch the rear-wheel steering inside the front on low-speed, sharp turns. Happens on all bikes but the panniers make the effect more pronounced. (Yes, that's how I've scuffed 'em every time bar one.)

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