January 17, 2003

Windy old day, eh?

Crosswinds... Gotta love 'em.

Ordinarily, I don't really notice them 'cos the Pan's quite, er, solidly built. But the good ship Request For Echo is in for its 8000 mile service as well as a clutch replacement and factory recall work.

The bastards have given me a Deauville again and it's even worse than I remembered it being. Add to that the crosswinds almost moving me from lane to lane and you can understand that I'm not having the best ever biking day imaginable.

Picture then, if you can, my joy at being told that they won't finish with my bike "for a few days, sir" but that it's "OK 'cos you've got one of our loaners."

So, there you have it. Until at least Monday and more likely Tuesday, I'm a Deauville pilot. Being objective, I should be grateful that the bike has been made available to me at no charge and, in a way, I am. But I do have one thing I feel I must say on the subject:


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