January 19, 2003


Thought it was about time I mentioned the niggles and moans I have with the new Pan. There aren't many and they aren't serious but, as I spend a couple of hours a day on the bike, they're omnipresent.

The indicator lights on the console. That's the worst one. I'm quite tall (6' 2") and the most comfy position for the seat is at it's highest/furthest back. Trouble is that with it there, I can't see the winky lights on the dash. Drop the seat to the middle and I can just make them out and on the lowest setting, they're completely visible but my knees brush against the fairing. So, I have the seat in the middle position. It's not actually uncomfy but I know that there is a better riding position for me. (Now I notice that Nigel says the same thing, too. Time for a note to Honda, I think)

The Passing Light. On the standard model (no electric screen, no remote pre-load adjust, no ABS, no hazard lights) the passing light is where you'd expect and it's easy to use. On mine (with all the bits) it's been moved a bit and it's now almost impossible to use when you need it most. i.e. at short notice when some tosser in a cage hasn't seen you. OK, so you I've trained myself to use the horn instead and you can now do a "hazard light thank you" very easily but it's annoying all the same.

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