January 22, 2003


Went out this morning to go to Watford. Raining - as usual. Now I'm pretty careful checking the bike before I drive off - like those rubber thingys on the wheels and those hard pad things that stop you. However - first real corner I come to and I'm sliding (I know it's wet), back end just goes. Keep it upright, but stop to have a look, make sure the tyre is not flat etc. Next corner - the same thing. Really put off now. Decide to have a fag and think. Look across to the pan and the rear wheel - and guess what? Its a car tyre I've got!!!! Nice flat running surface and razors to corner on. On the phone to my bike shop - new tyre tomorrow. But this is the killer. Steve tells me on the phone that the bridgestone 020 dual compound tyres are great till they wear down, then there is no dual compound - just very soft rubber that wears very very quickly. This has happened in less than 250 miles. BEWARE.

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