January 23, 2003

I've put the screen back down. The wind noise was improved but, it was just too high for me. I don't like looking through the screen. I find it distracting seeing reflections of the bike in my field of view. There was a noticeable increase in engine noise and I noticed a whine too. Perhaps I didn't give it a fair trial, it is quite windy at the moment and the 'sail' effect of the more vertical screen bothered me too. More adjustment would have been a good idea Mr Honda then I would have been able to see over the screen and I may have liked it better. There's plenty of space to add a couple of extra 'L' slots in the bracket without weakening it.
Katrine didn't get to find out if she found it better on the back. Maybe I'll try it again when we're both on the bike, it only takes five minutes to change.

I've had a play with the rear shock pre-load too. I'm only ten and half stone and I thought that the rear was perhaps a bit too hard when there's only me holding it down. I put that back too couldn't tell any difference! The standard position is perfect when we're both on the bike. Though I expect it may need to be a little firmer when the panniers are full too. Seems strange to make the pre-load adjustment so easy when the bike's near perfect in the standard position. On the bandit I had to adjust it to 2 of 7 for just me and 7 for the both of us and it was awkward to do with the short 'C' spanner. I should eat more cakes then the suspension would need adjusting?

On my way home today using the scenic route! (I only live two miles from work) I was overtaken by another silver Pan 'same as mine'. Watching someone else ride the same bike helps with the learning process. His was the same '52 plate as mine but it was obvious he'd had for a while longer, or he'd had more experience of 'bigger' bikes. From the way he'd caught up so easily and passed to comfortably it was clear that the Pan is better than I am at the moment. He wasn't rushing or showing off, I'm sure of that, as I caught up at the next island. He was just using the bike better.

I need to get out there with other Pan riders to watch and learn.

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